John Stewart Height: How Tall Is He?

John Stewart is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams, the character first appeared in Green Lantern (Volume 2) #87 (December 1971/January 1972). Stewart’s original design was based on actor Sidney Poitier.

Stewart is a Marine Corps veteran who was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe to be the new Green Lantern of Earth after Hal Jordan went rogue. Stewart is a skilled fighter and tactician, and he is also a master of the Green Lantern Power Ring.

6 Feet 1 Inches ( 185 centimeters)

How Tall is John Stewart

John Stewart Height in CM

John Stewart’s height in centimeters is 185 cm.

John Stewart Height in Inches

John Stewart’s height in inches is 73 inches.

John Stewart Height in Feet 

John Stewart’s height in feet is 6’1″.

John Stewart’s Height in Meters

John Stewart’s height in meters is 1.85 meters.

John Stewart Height Without Heels in Feet

John Stewart’s height without shoes is 6’0″.

Height Table

Height in CM185 centimeters
Height in Inches73 inches
Height in Feet 6 feet 1 inches
Height in Meters1.85 meters
Height Without Shoes6 feet 0 inches

His height is 6’1″.

His height is 1.85 meters.

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